Indian Tax Authorities Seize $30 Mln In Cash Ahead Of State Elections

Indian Tax Authorities Seize $30 Mln In Cash Ahead Of State Elections

The raids triggered a flurry of accusations from rival political parties over protection for Delhi Escorts tax evaders as they prepare to compete within the elections, together with in the bellwether state of Uttar Pradesh. We apologize, however this video has did not load. The seizures additionally shone a highlight on the recent political concern of undeclared “black money” in a nation the place millions of people scratch a dwelling on a dollar or two a day. “This is the biggest ever seizure of cash,” the finance ministry stated in a statement. Tax officials seized the 1.94 billion rupees and 23 kg wrapped in sacks in an underground storage facility on the premises of a producer in the town of Kanpur, in Uttar Pradesh, who media has reported is linked to a political social gathering. Also seized was 600 kg of treasured sandalwood oil, officials mentioned. Elections within the world’s largest democracy are often accompanied by floods of cash from businesses to political parties within the hope of profitable affect and favors, analysts say. Parties, in flip, dole out money to voters and their staff. Prime Minister Narendra Modi tried to crack down on the shadow financial system in 2016 by banning excessive-denomination banknotes however central bank information later confirmed nearly the entire abolished currency made it again into the banking system. A former finance minister from the primary opposition Congress get together said the amount of cash seized in the raids was proof Modi’s bid to shut down the underground money economy had been in vain. “The case exposed the utter failure of demonetisation,” P. Chidambaram mentioned on Twitter. The state elections are due by March.

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